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Convert Light Switch To Outlet

Posted at May 27th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

Convert Light Switch to Outlet, Is It Possible?

If you have an unused light switch on your wall, you definitely think about converting it into a more useful power outlet. But is it possible to convert light switch to outlet? Let’s find out the answer to your question from the explanation below.

Can You Replace Light Switch with Electrical Outlet?

Actually, converting a light switch into a power outlet is very common. It is also pretty easy to do if you have basic electricity skill. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. To find out whether your light switch can be converted into a power outlet or not, you have to check the wiring configuration of the switch itself.

To check the wiring configuration, you have to open the faceplate and remove the light switch from the junction box. You can replace the light switch into electrical outlet if you see two types of wires inside the box—the hot black wires and the neutral white wires. If there is only one set of wires, then you cannot use it to install new outlet.

How to Convert Light Switch to Power Outlet

If you are sure that you no longer need the switch and want to replace it with an electrical outlet, follow these steps for the installation.

  1. Before you start, check the breaker and make sure the electricity to the junction box you will work on has been turned off.
  2. Remove the faceplate cover of the switch carefully. After that, you will be able to see the light switch connecting to the junction box. Take your screwdriver and use it to release the screws that attach the light switch to the junction box.
  3. Now that the light switch has been removed, you can see the wires connecting to the switch. Check the wires carefully. Remember, you must see two sets of wires here, the black and the white. If only one set of wire is available, you cannot continue this project.
  4. Use your screwdriver to disconnect the black, white and green wires from the light fixture.
  5. Prepare your receptacle and get ready to connect the wires. The black wire goes to the brass screw, the white wire to the silver screw and the copper to the green screw. Make sure to screw the wires tight to the respective places.
  6. Once you have finished attaching the wires, mount the receptacle to the wall. Make sure to arrange the cable inside the junction box carefully.
  7. Cover the receptacle with its faceplate and then turn back the power on to test the outlet.

Converting a normal switch to an outlet is not as easy as replacing an old switch or outlet to a new one. You have to rearrange the wires, connect it to the right screw and you have to do everything meticulously. If you want to convert light switch to outlet in your house but you are not confident with your DIY skill, don’t hesitate to hire professional to do it. Furthermore, if you think you will need the light switch again in the future, it is best to change into a combo switch outlet instead of normal power outlet.

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