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Automatic Transfer Switch For Generator

Posted at May 27th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

Choosing Automatic Transfer Switch For Generator

Automatic Transfer Switch For Generator must be chosen correctly especially since it has very important job. Electrical power surely is crucial for modern people so it will be very troublesome if they suffer from power outage. That is why they prepare the generator as reliable power source during this circumstance. It must be easier for activating the generator system using the automatic transfer switch after all. In this circumstance, people need to learn more to find the best choice.


The main function of transfer switch is for controlling the power source. This electric utility will be isolated from the home when the power outage happens. It will be connected to the generator automatically. The reverse process is also performed by the transfer switch once the power is restored by the electric utility. Electric utility isolation is necessary for preventing the harm to the utility workers from the high voltages which can be unexpected. At the same time, it is also useful for protecting the generator from the damage once the power is completely restored.

Power Management

There must be various product offered of automatic transfer switch offered on the market but people can consider one with managed power. It will be useful for preventing the overload condition. It can be done by allowing the appliances with 240 volts capacity run only when there is power available. There are various home appliances which need high voltage including central air system, water heater, dryer, ranges, as well as well pump. The management can be done based on the importance or priority.

Service Entrance Rating

The rating of service entrance have to incorporate the main disconnect. There will be requirements which can be found and they will exceed the common circuit breaker capability. That is why it is necessary for incorporating the transfer switch design to the specific requirements. The existing equipment can be replaced by the transfer switch since it is allowed by the service entrance.

Current Rating

Safety is also very important when choosing the automatic transfer switch. It must come with ability for carrying the maximum current that is rated safely. This function should be performed properly by the transfer switch no matter where the current is delivered from whether the electric utility or generator.

ATS Options

It is the time for people making the right choice of the automatic transfer switch. In fact, the manufacturers mostly produce the automatic transfer switch which is made for working with the standby system of generator. The features of the design will be very specific to the generator from the manufacturer after all. That is why when people are looking for the automatic transfer switch; they need to choose one which is really manufactured for certain brand as well as model of generator system. People can easily find the manufacturers that bundle the product of the generator with the automatic transfer switch. They need to make the best option by considering the kilowatt of the generators and the ampere of the service. The features can also be considered when choosing Automatic Transfer Switch For Generator.

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