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12 Volt Timer Switch

Posted at May 27th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

How to Choose and Set up 12 Volt Timer Switch

The term of digital timer must not be something strange nowadays. Yes, it is basically a tool that is designed to control the electricity power automatically. So, it just eases your work since you don’t need to do it manually particularly when the timing is just not right. When you have an intention to buy this device particularly the 12 volt timer switch, it is important to learn more about it.

The Features

The time switch generally has some features no matter how much voltage that it has. First of all, the setting up commonly is for 12 or24 hours. However, for the newest series of switch released by some brands, it is available for shorter hours as you want. Second, such switches now have larger screen to ease the users in setting up the programs.

Third, it depends on the brands and series but most of switch devices are able to lock 10 times whether it is on or off in a day. The setting up even includes not only hours but also minutes and seconds. Fourth, this device is also equipped by the summer modes to accommodate areas that have longer noon for 14 hours or more. Then, the last, for the power, it uses battery that can be recharged in an integrate way.

How to Choose It in the Shop

There must be so many products and series offered once you are in the shop. Of course, you should not be simply tempted with what they have advertised. Make sure you choose the right voltage at first. This way, it means you must check the voltage of electricity system at home. The 12 volt timer means that the device to be connected to it has the same voltage as well.

Next, it is about choosing the brand. Actually, the brand is sometimes about the taste. It is okay to be idealist to choose only a brand you like the most. But for the best choice, ask also to the shop owner which is the best one. A good service given by them must include some suggestions and explanations about the benefits and lacks of a certain product.

How to Use It

Once the timer switch has been installed, make sure to reset it at first. It is the make the program really runs from the beginning. The screen will automatically display the program completely. To directly set up the time, enter the Clock Mode program. This is actually quite easy to be learnt. More than that, the language options are various so you can choose one you understand the most.

Next, you can try to set up the digital clock. There must be some buttons including Clock, Week, Hour, and Minutes. In some series, the Second button is also available. Just push the buttons in sequence to set up the times in detailed. Besides, try to change the mode whether you want it to be in 12 hour or 2 hour format. For daylight energy saving, choose a button that mention the same thing. This way, the 12 volt timer switch has been set up and ready to work.


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