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12 Volt Dimmer Switch For Led

Posted at May 27th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

 Things to Know about 12 Volt Dimmer Switch for LED

12 Volt Dimmer Switch for LED of course can be defined as a tool where you can set up the level of dim in LED lights. Meanwhile, it is required for those lights with 12 voltages. This tool is undoubtedly demanded more currently for its practicality. Of course, if you are one of them who want it, make sure to consider some matters below before buying the dimmer switch.

The Device

Dimmer is known as one of the regeneration in home lighting system. If conventionally the home lighting can only be turned on and turned off, dimmer is about the change of brightness. Of course, this matter cannot be achieved by cutting off the circuit. That’s why; dimmer device is a set of some channels that are gathered at once.

The number of channel can be only one but also can be more even up to 24. It depends on the capacity of every channel in term of usage. For the rack installation, there are commonly 12 channels 2 with around 2-5 kW. Then, for more than 12 channels, it requires 1-3 kW.

The Dimmer Management Standard

The method for controlling the dimmer can be divided into 3; digital, analog, and digital-analog. The more modern and professional dimmer is the digital one with the availability of DMX512 control protocol to send the data about 512 channel that has around 256 lighting gradation. Of course, it needs certain algorithm that can change the digital information to triac control signal.

Meanwhile, the analog tends to be more traditional in term of how it works. The dimming system needs constant voltage starting from 0 to 10 V. Then, the control signal is gained from the control unit. Lastly, there is the combination of both known as digital-analog. The application of this management standard is to set up more complicated lighting devices.

Dimmer Designs

The most common types of dimmer available in the market are rotary and push dimmer. Rotary dimmer is the simplest one on which you can set up the brightness by turning it around. Meanwhile, push dimmer works by pushing the button. For every push, there is a certain level of brightness.

Different Dimmer for Different Lamps

There is a kind of dimmer switch enables to set up any kind of lighting. It is called as the universal dimmer switch. However, there are also dimmers that are indeed produced only certain types of lighting. As an example is the dimmer for incandescent lamps is designed only in 220 volt. Once the filament ball is heating up, it can be set up into brighter or dimmer depending on how much voltage applied. So, how is about the 12 volt dimmer switch for LED? Of course, it means that the LED lighting used must be arranged to accommodate voltage for around 12 also. The additional device needed for this lighting voltage is transformation to change the output voltage from dimmer of 12-24 volt.

So, when you want to install the 12 Volt Dimmer Switches for LED, make sure that all the devices above are already available.

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