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0 10V Dimmer Switch

Posted at May 27th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

0 10V Dimmer Switch

Do you want to buy 0 10V dimmer switch? Do you know how it works? Well, in this article you will find out about this type of switch to enlighten you about this product.

About 0-10v Dimmer

0 10v dimmer is a control method of lighting which the direct current voltage (DC) is between 0 to 10 volts. It can produce various levels of light intensity. It is very simple system of lighting control which can connect to your LED fixtures in order to provide several solutions’ lighting and ambiance. When it is in 0 volts, the light dim until it reaches to its minimum level of light, even though this type of lighting sometimes needs a switch in order to turn off the lights completely. With various types of intensity levels, when you use dimmer in 0-10v it will allow you to pick what level of light you need based on the activities you do in that moment.

We will give you the example. There is a certain brand that provides a LED light for outdoor that can be used for pool revamp where you can use it as community association area. Once you add features of dimmable things, you will not only make them provide amazing light levels for gathering, but also they will be able to bring great nuances light for barbeques or dances since they can be in lower dim. These features of diming mean that the area in the poolside can be conveniently use for many types of activities and reduce the cost.

Places to use 0-10v dimmer

The dimming of 0-10v was first created for and is still be used as a standard method to control the fixtures of fluorescent using intensity’s light. In recent years, the LED has been rising and 0-10v dimming has tried to adapt to be a LED dimming control that can be reliable. Since then, it becomes more and more popular among many people. Even though this type of lighting dim usually used in retail stores, homes, and offices combine with LED fixtures that is compatible, the feature of 0-10v is also used for residential spaces and outdoor commercial which require ambiance as well as multipurpose lighting.

Use LED Power Supplies with 0-10v Dimmers

0-10v dimmers have been producing various intensities of light from 10% to 100%. Since there are many dimming switches when we talk about the design, it causes the fixtures to run continually even at its low power and even though the dimmer is completely turned down. The expansion of LED technology, there are more dimmers of 0-10v that are able to shut off the output of light completely without requiring other additional switches. That’s why it provides amazing control over your fixtures and electrical power. There is also another advantage which can boost the efficiency that will make sure you get energy savings and light output. If you already bought 0 10V dimmer switch and it doesn’t have the ability to switch off the dime at its lowest setting, you can install additional switch or relay to avoid burning fixtures and wasting electricity.



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