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Single Push Button Light Switch

Posted at May 24th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

What You Must Know About Single Push Button Light Switch

Light switch maybe is just a simple accessory for your home. However, this switch can affect many things. For example, if you choose light switch with unique or beautiful design, it can become nice decoration for your wall. Or, by choosing the light switch with color that matched your room color theme or your wall paint, it also will look great on your wall. More than that, there are also many different types of light switch you can use. One of them is Single Push Button Light Switch.

What is Single Push Button Light Switch?

Just like its name, you can only find one button on this light switch. To use it, just press the button to turn the light on. And, to turn it off, you press the same button once again. It will cut the power that run into the lighting that is controlled by this switch.

Compared to other light switch, this light switch has different design and system. The design is as mentioned above. It only has one button. On the other hand, the system is also different. The other type light switch will have one terminal that will connect the power to the lighting, and other terminal that has function to cut the power. But, the single push button light switch only has one terminal, which acts as connector and insulator. The single terminal that this light switch used means that the working speed is much faster. This will help you to save more energy than the other type of light switch.

What You Must Know about Single Push Button Light Switch

The single terminal that single push button light switch has make it has higher risk to short circuit occur, when there is a sudden increase on the electric current that run through it. If it happens, it can blow up and even cause fire, especially if you place it near the inflammable material. Most of single push button light switch is installed on the attic or other place where you keep your old stuff. This is also another reason why it’s dangerous to use this kind of light switch.

The other reason why single push button light switch isn’t that popular today is the rare replacement part. Actually, the brand or manufacturer that produce this kind of light can be said is small in numbers today. Therefore, if you use or find your house has this kind of light switch, and it’s broken, you will have problem to repair it. Even though you ask professional, there is big chance that they won’t be able to help you. Or, if they can help you, you will need to pay more than you can imagine, because it’s hard to find the replacement part.

But, the most disadvantages of using Single Push Button Light Switch are you can only use it for one electric line. With its single terminal, one plate of single push button light switch can’t be used for more than one electric line or light. It would be better, if you use the double and multiple light switches in one plate. You can save more places to install the light switch.


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