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Exhaust Fan Timer Switch

Posted at May 24th, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

Why You Should Install Exhaust Fan Timer Switch

Exhaust fan is essential to control the level of humidity in your bathroom. To make sure the fan can do its job well, it is important to equip it with a timer. Here are some reasons why exhaust fan timer switch can be a cheap yet excellent investment for your bathroom

Prevent Moisture Damage

Moisture is perfectly normal for a bathroom. With all the water related activities you do there, it is impossible for the room to be dry all the time. However, when it is uncontrolled, moisture can be a huge enemy for your beautiful bathroom.

Excessive humidity will invite mold and mildew to your bathroom. They will ruin the beauty of your bathroom walls, floors and also furniture. The bad news is, once the mold and mildew appear, it is going to be hard to get rid of them. But moisture damage is not only about aesthetics. It also can be bad for health, especially for those who have allergies.

Bathroom fan is installed to take care of those problems. Unfortunately, many people forget to turn on the fan when they enter the bathroom. Timer can solve that issue because it is attached to the lighting system. As a result, when you are turning on the lights, the fan will be turned on as well.

Save Energy

Turning on exhaust fan still will not be effective if you don’t turn it long enough. The thing is, people only turn on the fan when they are taking a shower. When they get out of the room, they will turn off the fan as well. This is because they are afraid they will forget to turn off the fan once they leave the bathroom. If you install the timer, you can leave the fan on even when you go out of the bathroom. This way, the exhaust fan will have enough time to eliminate the moisture in the room. In the same time, you will be able to conserve energy because the timer will automatically turn off the bathroom fan even if you forget to do so.

Different Choices of Timer and Style Available

Nowadays, timer switches for exhaust fan comes with modern and beautiful style. It is not limited to gigantic knob that doesn’t match the style of your bathroom. So, there is really no reason not to use it. Furthermore, there are some types of timer that you can choose, mainly manual and factory-preset switch.

Easy to Install

Last but not least, adding a timer switch to your existing exhaust fan is very easy. There is no need to mess with the existing exhaust fan itself. You simply need to replace the old switch with a new switch that comes with a timer.

You only have to make sure that the wiring is done correctly so that the timer can work as it is supposed to. Even though the installation of the timer is actually very simple, it is easy to mess it up if you get the wiring configuration wrong. So, don’t be shy to call professional electrician to handle the installation of your exhaust fan timer switch.

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