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30 Amp Gfci Outlet

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How to Install 30 Amp GFCI Outlets

What is 30 Amp GFCI Outlet? GFCI itself stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter; functioned to protect people from severe short circuit. Besides, it is also important to minimize the electricity to protect from the wound. Therefore, when there is 20 Amp in the beginning, it refers to the amount of power available to connect to the devices.

How It Works

For the normal GFCI with 120 volt, there are commonly 2 vertical slots and one hole right behind it. Besides, the left slot is also bigger than the right one to known as the temporary neutral slot. On the other hand, the right slot is for the heat as well as the hole is so-called the ground. When an electric socket works properly, the electricity flows from the heat to the neutral one. In this case, GFCI starts to work so that the electrical circuits can be turned off.

When it is installed properly, GFCI is able to detect the variation even for only around 4 miliogram. It also has an extremely high speed for less than one second. As a note, not all the GFCI can just work well in any circuit so make sure that the power contained is necessary. Of course, for the 30 Ampere one, it should have GFCI with the same power size also.

Where to Install GFCI

GFCI is not a must for some types of electricity installation at home for the exception of some places that really need it. What are those places? Some examples are the outdoor electricity installation like when you have a garden with fountain, the underwater pool lighting, elevator, bathroom with water heater, and many more. Meanwhile, other places like offices, health centers, and events must also require GFCI to improve the safety standard.

How to Put the GFCI

GFCI can be found in at least three types of placement. The most common one is of course a medium that is specially produced for this device. Slightly, it is not much different from the electricity socket installed on the wall. More than that, it is also cheap enough and quite easy to install. Next, there is also the standard electricity socket that can be used to install a portable GFCI. However, this medium can only be used temporarily. It means that you must buy the ‘official’ outlet for the GFCI next time. Another temporary outlet for the GFCI is electricity plug. Again, it should not be permanently used.

Sometimes, you need to install a new GFCI when the old one is already damaged or it cannot work well. There are some options to replace the electricity socket despite the official GFCI tray. There is the grounding outlet. Just make sure that there is product description like ‘No Equipment Ground’. Of course, there are possibilities of troubles during the usage of GFCI. But you must not worry since the troubles can just be minimized well as long as you choose the good product with right voltage and ampere. Besides, it is important also to hire an experienced person if you are not capable to avoid any bad cases later.


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