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Timer Switch For Fan

Posted at May 3rd, 2018 | Categorised in Electro Mechanical Device

How to Choose In – Wall Programmable Timer Switch for Fan

Having in – wall programmable timer switch for fan will definitely make your life easier. How to choose and install the device?

The Features of the Device

Before we go further with the steps on how to install programmable timer switch for fan, you should know about the features available on the device first. There are various features with different functions available in the timer switch for fan, include:

  1. Automate Functions

Just like the name suggests, the feature is to automate fans. You can use regular light switch to control the feature.

  1. Save Energy

The feature makes it possible for you to save energy usage in your household.

  1. Manual Override

The feature of the timer switch also makes it possible for you to override the setting of the device if by simply touching it with your finger. The device will automatically back to the next cycle of the program.

  1. Backup Battery

There is integrated NiCD battery feature available in the timer switch that can be rechargeable. It is aimed to avoid your settings being eliminated when power outage occurs.

  1. Fully Programmable

It uses a 7 – day program that enables you to set the timer device based on your schedule.

How to Install the Device

To install the timer switch for fan device, just do the following steps.

  1. Choose the Right Switch

Keep in mind to use the timer which has the same amperage with the wiring system you apply.

  1. Turn off the Power

Don’t forget to turn off the power to of the circuit breaker to avoid any unexpected things relate to electricity.

  1. Removing the Cover Plate of the Switch

Make sure to remove the cover plate of the switch and you can manage to use electrical tester to ensure that the electricity is completely off.

  1. Unscrew the Switch

The next step is unscrewing the switch by removing the screw holding the switch available in the box. The next thing to do is pull it out from the box and leave the attached wiring. You also need to make sure that you inspect the wiring first before you disconnect the existing switch. You can remove the switch wires after you disconnect the old wires.

  1. Attach the Wires of the Timer Switch

Prepare the timer switch and then attach the electrical wires into it. Cut the wires off if the ends of the items are worn. After that you can strip the wires to get fresher connection.

  1. Attach the Switch of the Timer

The next thing to do is setting up the wire so they can fit into the electrical box. Keep in mind to not let any exposed switch terminal to touch the box if it is made of metal.

  1. Turn the Power On

Turn on the power by screwing the fuse of the timer.

  1. Test the Switch and Program the Timer

Last but not least, make sure that you test the switch first to make sure that it can be used properly. After that, you can start to program the timer based on your preference.


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