Get Eased with Great Electrical Symbols from Electra System


Electrical Symbols are good to be known for broadening your knowledge. No one could live without electricity right? So, it will be better if you are not so strange with this matter too. Therefore, you could help yourself whenever you need to deal with the electricity circuit. In fact, it is not so difficult to learn. You can find complete Electrical Symbols online, and keep them to be your private guidance for urgent purpose. You could also draw your needed circuit easily with the advance system available. It is true if someone said Electrical Symbols are designed for simplicity and flexibility of the users. Electra system will enable you to memorize one symbol for handling several circuits at once.

Different from the other, the symbols work for both horizontal and vertical drawings. So, you can create such circuit easily with your computer. The software could help you to create design cycles in fast way since the label positions or even the text could change automatically. Even better, Electra could make your cycle of Electrical Symbols perfect and able to work consistently, by providing automatic rotation for any of your drawing positions, whether horizontal or vertical. You can be pleased with this option. There is no need to learn about hundreds of Electrical Symbols which often have little difference. Electra system lets you enjoy the smart design which is simple and flexible to use. No matter if you are drawing for three wire, 5 wire, socket connection, terminal connection, or even plug connection, all are simple with the single click from your mouse. Now, you can save more time which supposed to be used for searching complicated symbols. You may then focus more on your real installation work.

Manage the Electrical Symbols in Several Pages with a Single Click


Dealing with electrical cycles is possible for everyone with the help of Electra system and its simple Electrical Symbols. Drawing circuits with Electra will never complicate you with such scale. No matter if you use inches up to meters, the system will match it automatically with the page grid. The transparent process will avoid you from getting confuse too. Only by one Electrical Symbols, you can manage many units’ measurements. You do not have to draw the Electrical Symbols over and over again for every unit that you draw in different pages. Simply focus on your good design upon electrical CAD.

Compare to the manual way of drawing circuits, this Electra system is like a time savior. Their Terminal List Electrical Symbols, could list each terminals mentioned on the design. The lists of terminal are numbered and counted automatically by the terminal block if you are organizing the terminals in the form of block. There are also the functions of Auto Location shape which will monitor the drawn Electrical Symbols automatically and show you the location of those symbols in every page you had made before, completed with the link which will ease you to get straight to the symbol. If there are also I/O points in your drawing, you can then use the PLC symbol to generate them automatically both in digital or analog way. This is amazing system with the smart symbols and simple way of working.

Generate the Abundant Electrical Symbols Easily


Such system from Electra also has facility of pin names which will display and locate such Electrical Symbols in red color automatically when there are no more slots to occupy. In addition, the pin sets could also put manually everywhere you want by a single right clicks. With this function, you can have safe process in installing certain circuit, since the good design has become very simple with Electra that handles the details of Electrical Symbols being used. Using Electra system is like having a private engineer. The system notices that Electrical Symbols in several pages are showing the similar component when it has similar references. Those symbols understand by themselves the electrical work, so, you may easily divide the circuit for power or control without losing the list of Electrical Symbols which are drawn in several pages. It will allow you to generate them into one world component for real.

All Electrical Symbols that you find in this system can be used for more than one component. No matter if the components usually do not show any symbol on the circuit, such as relay base or relay clips, you may still assign it to the Electrical Symbols from Electra system for later report. So, there will be no more annoying moments of making reports and listing the detail components which are so risky to be missed, since the system already provide you with accurate report in detail information which is consistently produced for your needs. This system is the best option for you who seek for simplicity in understanding and using Electrical Symbols all at once.